Onward and Forward

I always feel a sigh of relief when the holiday season wraps up. I hate the kids going back to school, but there is a definite release of pressure and the calm new year to make friends with.


This is an especially exciting January. This year we are entrusting real walls with our food dream and creating a restaurant that will hopefully house customers all year at a semi continues rate. Food trucks are lovely, but winter and summer both hold their challenges from frozen pipes (and frozen customers—almost no customers) to hotbox days where you open the freezer just to cool your face down as you stand wondering what the F#%^*CK you were ever thinking. Nobody comes out for food when it’s a hundred degrees, so you just open to open and watch an empty concrete lot simmer in the sunshine. Yes, four walls, a ceiling, a floor and some good old-fashion tables accompanied by full backed chairs will surely go a long way.

Our house has made some exciting steps forward too, and our giant children are continuing to be more and more giant. I have written myself a list—still to be completed— of what I need to do this month:



  • Clean Floors
  • Empty and clean fridges
  • Empty of all equipment
  • Power-wash back
  • Take down signs
  • Light sand outside?
  • Scrub walls
  • Scrub steam table
  • Clean shed
  • Move fridges
  • List truck for sale


  • Paint
  • Wainscot
  • Sand tables
  • Assemble tables
  • Steam clean chairs
  • Purchase dishes/cups/bowls/silverware
  • Figure out bar top
  • Make wood signs
  • Complete menu
  • Make official ordering and shopping lists for each vendor
  • Choose and hang artwork/decorate restaurant space
  • Make bathrooms wonderful/paint and decorate


  • Trim door to basement
  • Install wood floor from kitchen to hall
  • Cap floor to dining room
  • Paint kitchen walls
  • Paint kitchen cabinets
  • Sand and paint bath tub
  • Organize sewing room
  • Hang kitchen doors
  • Hang bamboo on driveway gate
  • Dog door???


I also hope to get a little time to relax and recoup. I got some big paper, pastels and charcoal out. I figure maybe I’ll play a bit and see where that goes. I haven’t used charcoal or pastels in a long time.  In fact, I’ve been feeling artistically rusty lately. Not sure whether it’s just been a while, or if I am now past the age of being in tune and my personal flow of creativey has gone away. But that’s a post for another time. . .



Happy January Everyone!


A gift made my my dear friend Robin.

                                                           Cheers ~


September Garden…

For those who are not suckers for garden pictures, you might just skip this post. I happen to be a weak-at-the-knees flower lover, so my self-indulgence merely feels like a hurray for the bounty of still blooming life in my garden.

 Our summer was mostly rainless; a lot of August heat, an over deluge of wildfire smoke and some beautiful days tucked in here and there.
I believe my least favorite months are August and January. Around here, February has the timid hope of spring coming and September has turned the mild corner toward autumn. August and January just bring agghhk. Too much heat or such a daily cold rain that even I look out and dream of a little blue—and let me tell you, blue skies don’t bring me joy the way it does so many others. My perfect weather is a smattering. The best days are grey and blue; charcoal rain in the distance and then a bucket tipped so quickly onto the un-expecting walker that you feel like you got swept right into the whimsical weave of weather in a fairy book.
Either which way, I have relief that the torment of the hottest summer month is over and the following pictures are in my appreciation for the bits of garden that still thrive.
Hope everyone is having a nice September.

Setting up shop . . .

I have a favorite place in this new house…
 It’s where the morning light comes in…
 It has a cozy chair…
 And it’s where most days I set up shop of one kind or another…
 Although I still wouldn’t stamp this house with “HOME”, I am feeling it seep in a bit…
It’s funny how you can’t decided these things… They just happen when they do.
Hope Everyone is having a nice January!!
                                                                       ~ Marica

Saturday Morning…

Wonderful wonderful Saturdays…
Now that the kids are in school and I work a good part of the week, 
Saturdays feel like celebrations in and of themselves…
 A meandering breakfast that filters through the morning…
porltand blog, portland based blog, christmas in portland oregon
 Not a big sit down shebang, just one or the other of us 
flipping pancakes and eating them as they’re ready…
Sitting by the window where morning light fills the room, or
on the heater covered in a blanket, chatting, still in pajamas at eleven-o-clock…
 Hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday and Winter Solstice!!!
                                                    Cheers~ Marica

Tree Time…

This is a different kind of tree year. 
Firstly, we walked to get our tree. Which I found absolutely picturesque…
But the reality was this meant a cut tree which tore me up a bit. 
It was a lovely tree lot though… 
The air was chilly and damp, definitely boot weather…
Once the tree was inside, the whole room felt so nice. 
I wish I could have ten living trees in my house so I could feel as if I lived in a Christmas-tree forest…
Decorating was easy work…
And Dextarr our cat loved the festivities…
What a nice afternoon and pleasant evening.
                                              Best Wishes to Everyone!
                                                         ~ Marica

The past few weeks…

A lot fits into a few weeks…
Our house keeps progressing into a warmer, cozier home…
 We worked hard and participated in a craft fair at the kids school…
 We’ve taken walks…
In new areas…
And found neat trails…
With neat trees…
And neat bike racks…
 We’ve made cards…
 Filled with cursive writing, telling our friends how much we miss them…
And we’ve snuck away, to experience this fabulous, new city that we live in!!!
What have you been up to?
                                          ~ Marica