The last couple of days our air has been horrid! Truly smoggy due to some wild fires raging up in Canada. Portland is used to overcast, but this is not overcast, this is grimy smoke suspended over the city bringing a yellow/gold gloom to everything.
 It has been hot for days. They claimed it was going to reach 109, but we so far our luck has been to toil through 100 degree and many 90 degree days.

I am certainly holding my breath until this heat spell breaks.  The one silver lining to this unbearable warmth is that we’ve had to close our pie truck. And having our truck closed means lazy days. Lazy days have given me more time to finish the most wonderful book I’ve read in oh so long:

The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert

                                                                     Cheers ~


  1. I discovered this amazing book last month in the guest room where I was staying with friends in New Mexico, Marica, and read it every night but didn't get to finish it. Need to get my own copy and do that!


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