Italy—part one…

Its funny to write this as the day is dark and dripping heavy rain. The wind has that rushing around sound and I feel cozy in my slippers. Italy? Tuscany? Summer? It all feels very far away. But here goes:
I was unbelievably thrilled to reach Italy. It’s a place I have dreamed of visiting for as long as I can remember and although we didn’t get to find Morolo, the small town where my father’s family is from (which is unfortunate since I have no idea when I’ll ever get back) we did get to see some wonderful places. I am probably like most visitors and found the Tuscany area to be my favorite.

Lucca was utterly charming. It was fairly early morning so the streets were mostly empty as we strolled up and down taking in such an old town. It’s something I’m still getting used to; that people lived in these same buildings hundreds and hundreds and in some cases over a thousand years ago… 

We bought meringues that were so hard and sugary that it hurt to bite into. I wanted to try everything that I laid eyes on, but alas we didn’t have that much time…

Snapping pictures through the bus window was mostly frustration, but I did catch a few that were fairly in focus…

The sunflowers were definitely from a story book…

Pisa was interesting too, but so overwhelmingly populated by the many visitors from around the world, that it was hard to experience… 

During the this trip I found I had a special appreciation every time I came across hanging laundry…
Next was Pompeii. I remember my mother telling me about Pompeii when I was very little. It was a mysterious image in my mind that was interesting to finally turn into a reality. The July day was so hot that we lost steam after a bit and I think that’s why I don’t have as many pictures as I thought I had. If  I ever visit Italy again I will aim for winter or at least late autumn or early spring.

Well that’s it for now, hopefully Italy-part two will get tucked in here soon!

                                                          Cheers and HAPPY HOLIDAYS~


  1. I am so pleased that you have managed a trip to Italy – I love Italy from the south to the north, the east to the west. It is a place that I have visited many times – Lucca is a town that I have enjoyed visiting too. In 2017 I shall return to Italy to a new area for me, but one which I am eagerly looking forward with anticipation.


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