Raw Spice Bar… A Givaway!

Hello to everyone that I seem not to be writing enough to. It’s been such a busy time, but I want to catch everyone before the holiday season takes off. I still will be posting more trip pictures, but I want to tuck in this post in because I have a GIVEAWAY to host!
Raw Spice Bar, which I have written about before, is a super fun monthly mail subscription, spice boutique. I was offered a sample subscription a year or so ago and liked it enough to actually order my mom the subscription for her birthday. All the spices come with recipes and are sent in little, single recipe-size packages. 
Thanks to Sarah at Raw Spice Bar, I can offer one of my readers a free three-month subscription!
To enter, please post in the comments below what your most go to spice is. I would say one of my most favorite for savory cooking is freshly toasted and ground cumin.
Also, I recommend checking out their shop:
https://rawspicebar.com/shop/    https://rawspicebar.com/shop/    https://rawspicebar.com/shop/
Last day to comment will be Friday November 25th. 
I will post the winner by random selection this weekend. Thanks for entering!
Sadly this has to be for US residents only.
                                                                                Cheers ~

P.S. Double your chance to win by sharing this post on your blog or in social media. 
Please post a link to your share with your comment.


  1. Dear Marica – it is nice to see you back again.
    I bought myself a Masala Dabba spice container when I was in India. It is one of the best things I have ever purchased for the kitchen. All of my spices are now close at hand whenever I need them. I filled it up with spices freshly bought at the famous Spice Bazzar in Instanbul, Turkey.


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