Summer reading…

Well here she is, my newest book:
summer reading for kids 
childrens books
It was originally a gift I had made for my daughter’s ninth birthday almost four years ago now—I can’t believe how time flies! I had never expected to publish this one, it was more of an ode to my daughter and juvenile fiction in general. 
As a kid I was a big reader, but I liked the sort of meandering books like Little House on the Prairie and the Melendy family series. I preferred older books about everyday things more than adventure stories and tales of the impossible. I did like those too, but somehow I’d always come back to my favorites reading A Little Princess more than nine times—once twice back to back—and all the Betsy, Tacy and Tib books.
The published version of Maribelle has all new illustrations and an a slightly expanded story-line, but for the most part it is the same book. This is the original version, somewhat crooked and bound with gently glued together felt:
Well it isn’t quite summertime yet, but the days around here have sure been hot enough!
                                                   All my best!


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