Making Stockings from Sweaters and Curly Willow Love…

Ooo, the holidays are so close. I like this part best—the before time. My house smells so wonderful right now. Between the Christmas tree and cinnamon essential oil I’ve been heating over a candle, it literally smells like Christmas.
I like the cold weather and the cozy feeling of preparing. I bought some curly willow cuttings that have added a burst of festivity to the room. I wonder how long they can live indoors. The lady at the floral shop where I found them said to plant them come spring, but I would love to keep a potted curly willow in my house.

Lately I’ve been working on making stockings from sweaters. I have only completed one, but a second is near the finish line. My goal is to make five. Imagine one stocking for each person in the family? All the same size with the same essence? Somehow, my youngest never got a stocking made for him, this year I plan to remedy that. Our first born was lucky enough to have great aunts who knitted a stocking with his name and snowman to boot. I made our daughter one, though it didn’t come out how I envisioned. Each year I intend to fix this imbalance, but it’s taken until now to make it happen. Oh well, that’s the way things go…

Hope everyone is having fun preparing for the celebrations to come. 
                              Cheers ~

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