Meet Tallula

Oh dear, I couldn’t help myself—again—we got a new puppy. But at least this time it was premeditated. We had been rolling it around in our thoughts; would it be foolish, a good idea? Yes, we decided, it is both foolish and a good idea, but more of a good idea. So without further adieu, meet our newest member of the family, Tallula:
She is the sweetest, gentlest, most elegant, delicate husky mix. She already knows we are her family and follows close at our heels everywhere we go. She felt like a perfect addition as I snuggle her to sleep last night in my bed. I stayed half awake all night, holding my hand on her wiry little body; so much like when you have that new-born and you want to keep tabs at all times. I can’t believe I forgot what little babies puppies really are, but I surely remember now after being up at 5:00am to take her out to pee, only to have her pee on the floor just a little bit later. 
We are so excited to have this sweet, skinny, bundle of fur and the kids are ecstatic!
                                                        Happy Weekend to Everyone!
                                                              Cheers ~

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