A long talked with my dad tonight. I love talks with my dad—
we hit on a level of understanding I don’t collided with very often.
I feel a sense of bvroom, it’s lots like what Dr Seuss talks about when he says 
the littlest cat pulled out Voom, and it all went back where it should be.
I find that piece in myself when we talk. I find it when I am out it the wilderness too. It happens in moments when I don’t mean it, and I can find it deep at the bottom center when I look and seek it—most of the time. It is a calm bllllllmmmmm, a feeling of a plane pouring out in every direction forever and ever until it meets a dark circle and then bright yellow brown light holding it in. There is no word it is only a witness, a me witnessing the expanse of bvroom.

I talk with my good friend who is far away back home, as many mornings as I possible can. We are often our other piece that helps us through. We concur on our issues and remind each other of the strengths we both have and will grown on. I sometimes get caught in my whine, my tired meandering of “I don’t want to open the pie truck today, I just want to stay home, do dishes, sleep, curl up and crawl under the rug.” We fuss about little things and discuss our burdens of money and how to better handle our stresses. We commend each others efforts and remind each other we are humans, women in fact, and women-humans have lived for so long, always with depth and need to sort out thoughts and frustrations. Men too. I don’t leave out men. Though I often feel women demand more talking.
But under all those conversations we both know about the bvroom. 
Sometimes we have to be reminded, but then we remember it’s there,
we feel it, it is always therethe bvroom. 

                                                         Hope you all have a wonderful weekend
                                                                       ~ Marica

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