2Hands2Tails… a giveaway!

Dear Country Mouse,
I found the neatest artist, Annalisa Bollini, through Etsy. She is based out of Italy and does the most wonderful unique art. I love it! Her shop is called2Hands2Tails.  I think Alena would be inspired too, so please show her these pictures…

textile art, blogger, italian artist
I contacted Annalisa to ask if she would offer a piece for a giveaway for our readers. She happily agreed. So, if you’re reading out there… Check out Annalisa’s2Hands2Tails shop and then mention which piece is your favorite in the comment section below: blooming fish, ice cream forest, the lion horse, mosquitonkey or snail bird. Winner will receive a print of their favorite listed. 

Drawing for the winner will be held on April 25th.
       Anyway, I miss you lovely Country Mouse!
                City Mouse


  1. I adore your blog! Just digging in and exploring. Difficult to choose from Annalisa's images which are so amazing. but I am particularly drawn to the second one. 🙂 Back to reading more of this delightful world of yours!


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