One Treat After Another…

It is here, it has arrived, my newest book, One Treat After Another, has officially been released! We had a little trouble getting it out the door, there were cover problems and then a print mishap which led to the book coming out a month after its original release date. But now, hurray, here it is…
Thank you to Mayo, at Escargot Books, who so patiently helped the process through, the book is now possible to order on Amazon, and will be available at other major bookshops soon…
childrens books
Please go check it out… I am so excited, this book was made when my kiddos were little, which is quite a few years ago as the planet turns, and only now is finally in print form. Amazing how time and space are always trying to catch up with intention—
A rainy-day Monday, and bursting with the motion of forward, onward…
                                                                Hope Everyone is well!
                                                                      Cheers ~


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