I love thin winter sun. I love the day we get to take the Christmas tree out of the house. I love the day we put the tree in the house too, but there is always that fresh feeling of space when the tree goes out again. I love hot tea and quiet outdoors. I love the days at home with no school. It makes me nostalgic for homeschooling, even if I love the kid’s school—and I mean LOVE!

january, handmade puppet, handmade felt horse
I love no planned meals and no company, I love putting the house right and trying not to think about tomorrow. I don’t love trying not to think about tomorrow, but I love that tomorrow is tomorrow…
                                                  Hope Everyone is well!!!
                                                                Cheers ~


  1. I share those thoughts too Marica – the beauty and the scent when the Christmas tree first enters the house, but then the extra sense of space once it goes back out into the garden. Small things that give us continuity, living each day as it arrives and enjoying it.
    Hope that you and the family had a lovely holiday season, and wishing you well this year with your pie making venture.


  2. I'm with you – can't wait to put the tree and decorations up and then can't wait to take it all down, clean up and start the new year fresh! Hope it's a wonderful year for you and your family!!!


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