Oh Sweet Monday, and a giveaway…

Good morning lovely Monday world. It is my day off, the pie truck is closed and I have the whole day to do as I wish.  I am learning that on these days away from the truck I tend to have such high hopes for getting things done that I often feel frustrated come evening. It is not that I want to do ten million errands, it is that I want to work on so many projects that there is no way to fit them all in. How do I choose where to start? I am getting better at this weekly pattern—at least I see it, and am not so crushed at my lack of ability to create it all.  But there is still that rise and fall every week…

This is where my dilemma in loyalty gets split. Pies or books?? Clean house or take a nap. I used to hear people say if you want to do something well you have to give it a hundred percent. I always want to so many things all the way, I couldn’t settle for just one. Years ago I read Brian Eno’s biography and was forever inspired. He was a musician of course, a producer of some of the most amazing bands, a painter, involved in politics and he had children when he was young. This is the stuff I want to hear—you can do it all! Or at least he could…
As the holidays are nearing, I am excited to offer a giveaway of my first published 
children’s book Oh My Sweet Baby 
chidren's book, book for babies, indie art for children
chidren's book, book for babies, indie art for children
chidren's book, book for babies, indie art for children
 Please leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing. If you post this 
giveaway elsewhere, state the link and you will be entered twice.
Drawing will happen December 16th.
                                                                         Cheers ~


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