Adventure Day…

Due to our incredibly overloaded schedule, and the fact that life does not only revolve around food trucks that sell pie, we have adopted a tradition that I am most thrilled by. We call it adventure day. Every Wednesdayso far we’ve been pretty good about itwe do something of note that takes us outside of our neighboring area and into the wilderness. The following pictures are from Fort Stevens State Park…

                                             Hope Everyone has a wonderful week!!!


  1. wow!!! what a wonderful tradition!!!!
    I bet you'll discover beautiful places every week in this way!
    That wheel is amazing!!!!
    Enjoy your new tradition then!!!
    Hugs, Dany.


  2. An adventure day for all the family sounds perfect – it is always important to get the right balance in our lives – hard work deserves to be rewarded by a day of fun♡


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