Paiku, living and breathing…

Scrambling the day before opening, I made our banner out of “NO FISHING” signs and bailing wire…
 The first day in the kitchen was something I already can’t exactly remember. The sensation is still recall-able, but there isn’t exact words to describe it. Adjectives could include: Stressful, hurried, excited, unnerving, stomach upside-down-ing, and I’m not sure what I’m doing… 
Three weeks later, I would say my handle on the business of pies being cooked in trucks, is much more comfortable and predictable… I now know the biscuits cool not on the cookie sheet, but are moved to a pie plate, and then eventually into a tub with a red lid. This all happens on the shelf above the stove. Hot pies also cool there. These are good things to figure out. Useful recurrences that are making my day more logical… 
 The sublime truck is a tight ship. We make EVERYTHING on board. EVERYTHING. If you didn’t notice the all caps the first time. 
 I lug groceries almost every morning. Actually, I don’t know why I say almost, I will rephrase: I lug groceries every morning. I shoot through the store at a safe version of top speed piling ridiculous amounts of butter, flour and lettuce into the cart. I always forget something, but mostly remember everything. There has yet to have been a chance to create detailed inventory lists. Image how convenient life will be at that point. 
 The dough is now second nature. It still makes as much mess as when we first opened, but at least now I know the handful of ingredients backwards and forwards…
 Each batch becomes four disks which creates two complete pies…
Oh yes, pies… 
 Sometimes I almost forget… We have a pie baking company!
 We have food we are creating by hand, to serve to total and complete strangers, in return for their hard earned money. 
 Rather presumptuous and alarming, and yet simultaneously it is most logical and pleasant. 
                                                                       My Best to Everyone~


  1. Hi Marica! Your pies look gorgeous. You probably don't remember, but you taught me how to make apple pies, scones & guacamole. The recipes are still in my notebook as “Marica's scones”, etc. I love the name of your business, too – it suits you so perfectly. Love, Yoriko


  2. Oh Yoriko, so happy to hear from you!!!!! You're right, I don't remember that…
    Thank you for your kind words… Hope you are well and everything is good for you!!!!
    Giant Hugs,


  3. Hi Marica!!!!!
    soooo happy to read about your new business…this is amazing!!!!!
    I've always loved the pics of your food and now…wow…you are making pies!!!!
    I would love to live closer so I can come and try them all!!!
    Can't wait to see new pics and read more about this!!!
    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Sort of… in different forms, but yes, I still love to doodle & make things. You can see some stuff at or my FB page Yoriko New York, which I update more often.

    You were like 7 or maybe 9, last time I saw you? How wonderful it will be to see you again and eat your food! Well, it is now one-step closer as you have a food track 🙂


  5. Dear Marica – Thank you for your visit – no wonder you have been so busy – imagine that you have opened your own pie business. Lots and lots of luck, how I wish that I lived closer to sample them, they look absolutely delicious. Well done for being so enterprising. You deserve to succeed.


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