Multnomah Falls…

We took some time away from the usual and headed up to the gorge…
multnomah falls, water falls oregon, beautiful waterfalls
Today was spectacularly sunny causing the trees to glistened…
Funnily, for some reason the pictures I took show a more overcast feel,
but you’ll just have to trust me on the sunshine…
 The Multnomah falls were dreamy, majestic and breath taking!!
multnomah falls, waterfalls, bridge in front of waterfall, oregon waterfalls
 And, we might have even found big foots print on Starvation Creek trail…
big foot print
What a wonderful feeling to get outside of the city.
I could live in a tiny stone house with waterfalls pouring down behind it; all my heat from a little stove where I’d cook stews and tea and live with the ferns and deer as my neighbors.
                                    Hope Everyon is well!!!!
                                                           ~ Marica

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