Mini look a my art show…

I’ve been too busy and preoccupied to post lately. A lot has been happening. For one, I had my first art show in sixteen years!!! Yes, I was sixteen when I had my first show, and now once you double that number, I have made my way round to having another one. I decided to do all new pictures just for this event, which was fun and difficult at the same time. 
I have tended toward illustration my whole life, although I truly enjoy acrylics and the massiveness of painting giant pictures. For this event, due to our move and my lack of knowing where all our paints had landed, I chose to do a water-color/illustration influenced theme. At first I felt like I was battling my self, but nearing the end of finishing all my pictures, I finally hit a zone that felt comfortable to work in. 
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My favorite was accidentally forgotten at home and never made it up,
but soon it will hang in my living room… , portland based illustrator
The rest were too big to scan and I didn’t manage any good photographs of them; the glare, as you could see in the first picture, was horrible.

Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful March!!

                  Best Wishes, and I’ll save our big news for the next post…!!!!!


One Comment

  1. Hi Marica!!!
    I love your art!!! especially the last paint, it's awesome!!!
    And how fun you did your art show after 16 years…
    so…now…I'm so curious…what's the big new????
    Hugs, Dany.


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