Delicious Kitchen Things, aka Paninis…

Not two weeks ago, I stated my wish for a panini press. Our friends were over and we had just finished a lovely stint around Portland. I said it offhandedly, but meant it quite entirely. Just a couple nights ago they joined us for dinner, and under one arm they carried a panini press… Oh how exciting!! It took me a couple of days before I plugged it in, buttered the walls and set forth a batch of paninis… 
panini press, porltand blogger, portland based blog
As I opened the press, there they were, perfect, golden sandwiches, insides melted, 
outsides browned with lines defined and luscious… 
paninis at home, portland blogger, portland blogs
Ooo, lucky me. These are going to make a nice new impact on our meals.
                                                                                         Cheers ~ Marica

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