Invited to tea time . . .

We are at an exciting new stage. A stage where I am being invited to tea by my children. 
Every so often the kids will spend a flurry of time in the kitchen scurrying about, mixing and pouring, adding and tasting. 
I’m usually not allowed in the kitchen at this point. Then, roughly an hour later I’m told “it’s tea time!!” 
What’s most amazing is that their desserts come out incredibly.
 I’ve yet to have something that isn’t honest-to-goodness delicious.
The boys tend to skip recipes and just go full throttle by the seat of their pants. My dear girl, on-the-other-hand, carefully measures and completes each step along the way. 
Her desserts are decorated and presented in a most satisfying fashion. 
I love these little tea times. I remember being a kid and setting the table up nicely for some special treat I had concocted. I’m so glad to see my kiddoes enjoying the very same thing. And now, here I am, getting to enjoy it from the other prospective.
                                                                                                Cheers ~ Marica


  1. Hey how fun!!!!
    You're so lucky to have such a precious family!!!
    And this is great that your kids are loving to stay in the kitchen and cooking!!!
    Maybe one day…I could come for a cup of tea… :O)
    Hugs, Dany.


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