Settling Back In…

                 I’ve been trying to settle back in since our trip, but  I feel like a whole lot of me is still in Portland. We had such a connection with the area that we already knew we loved, but forgot was so inspiring. It doesn’t help that the temperatures here have been in the constant nineties and will only be getting hotter for the next little while. There has been a humidity with the heat that has made it hard to sit with. Our yard is hanging on for dear life…

                 In spite of that, big things have been happening here and our days are moving forward. The most prominent being the kids starting school. This is new for us. The last two years we had home schooled and before that it was off an on homeschooling and attending a small Krishnamurti school where I used to work. At the end of last year my oldest son said he wanted to go to “real school” and the other two picked up the interest and now here we are.
                  It is very different. This is the first time in thirteen years that I have had time at home without the kids for more than an hour here or there. It’s also the first time we have all had to wake up at six-thirty am every day… after day… after day… 
                 The kids seem happy though and their teachers have, for the most part, impressed me. Especially my little ones second grade teacher. Goodness gracious the patients and positivity she musters after having taught for over thirty years. Truly amazing!
                               Hope everyone’s September has started well!
                                                                    ~ Marica


  1. Do hope that the transition from home schooling to attending school works out satisfactorily for you all.
    You will have to spend some time on things that you want to do – time to spoil yourself a bit.


  2. Hi MARICA!
    changes in life are inevitables…sometimes they make our life better also if we can't immediately understand or like them!
    Sure now you'll have more time for you and you have to find something that you really love to do and do it!
    Hugs, Dany.


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