Day Four, Klickitat Street…

So what you may all know, or not know, is that the Beezus and Ramona books all take place on Klickitat street. For the last year or so the kids have been falling asleep at night to the audio books of Beezus and Ramona. For hours I hear the readers voice plotting through chapter after chapter telling of the simple lives of Beatrice and Ramona. 
They have yet to grow tired of them. 
We recently realized that the stories take place in Portland Oregon, and not only in a vague over all sort of way, the books take place on the real street called Klickitat street. Considering we are up here and the kids deep love for the books, we made the drive from one end of Klickitat to the other. My daughter took my phone and clicked picture after picture all along the way…

 It was neat. Most of the houses were older, nicer homes. Nearing the end of Klickitat, the street made a quick climb up a hill and then met up with a large busy cross street. That was it. We saw Klickitat and now we can image what Beverly Cleary was imagining as she wrote about all of Ramona’s adventures. 
                                            Hope you all are having a wonderful August!
                                                                  ~ Marica

One Comment

  1. Hi Marica!
    I don't know anything about these books but I can imagine how much trilled the kids were “walking” through that street!!!
    And the houses there are really beautiful!!!


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