Portland, Day Two…

Day two was nearly, but no quite so completely packed as our first day. 
The kids and I went to visit my increadibly wonderful friend Lauren… 
We got to peek at her house which is deep in the hills of south east Portland…
 She took us to the river there and the kids got to swim and play….
 The houses across the way are floating houses that rise and sink with the water… So neat!
 Later we went to Pier Park, which is not a pier, so I’m not sure why it’s called that…
 But the seesaws there were like from when I was a kid…
 They had the most wonderful screech as they went up and down…
 We all got on and it was tons of fun… 
It was another wonderful day!!!

                                                               ~ Marica


  1. I loooove those houses along the river, they are so particular!!!
    It seems that you are loving so much your trip!!!!
    And…I'm loving so much to read about what you are doing!!!
    Hugs, Dany


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