A bit of catch up…

Oh Goodness, its been so long I feel a little squeaky in my wheels. 
Three more birthdays have happened, and of course lots of other things too. 
Like having friends over for an evening of postcard writing and soup…
Finding this amazing dutch door that I LOVE!!!!
  But now we have to figure how to fit it to our house… The door opens the wrong way…
Then there was checking out the new Whole Foods that opened about twenty-five minutes away…
A bit creepy if you ask me. It reminded me of what it would be like if we colonized Mars and this was the cool “organic” village market bubble. Village market, but no flies or smells or dirt between the  lettuce leaves… 
But the cakes…
And sweets were impressive to look at…
 The most exciting news at this very moment is the fact we are slipping up to Portland 
for a short visit before summer ends… Woo hoo!! I’m so excited!!! Portland is an incredible city!
 And lastly, we had the first of our own yellow brandywine tomatoes tonight!!
                                                     How’ve all of you been?
                                                                     ~ Marica


  1. Hello Marica!!!
    how nice to read you again!
    I can't wait to see how you'll fix that amazing door in your house!!!
    mmm…macarons…they taste sooo wonderful!!!
    Nothing of new is happening here in my summer but…it's not still ended…LOL!!!
    Enjoy your stay in Portland then!!!
    Hugs, Dany


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