Introducing Hieronymus…

It’s always exciting when someone new arrives for a stay at your home…
 In this case it is a mysterious bird that looks unlike any particular kind we have ever seen here before…
 He has strong legs and a definite presence. He doesn’t appear injured, yet he only 
flits here and there, not ever flying much higher than our roof top…
I could tell immediately his name started with an H, but took a little time 
to be sure that he was clearly a “Hieronymus”.
He has been a bit skittish to the camera, but I hope to get a picture of him up close soon!
                                                                       ~ Marica


  1. Very comical photo of him strutting along your roof. Does he have long toes or is it just the shadows from the sun. If they are long it looks as if he is probably a wader or a shorebird and would normally enjoy being beside water.


  2. Yes, he has very long toes!! Our friend researched a bit, and said he looked somewhat like a crestless road runner, but his coloring was off…??? I'lll have to look up what kinds of birds live on the shores around here.
    Thank you : )


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