Bits of the birthday…

Weeks ago my almost seven-year-old boy formed the plan to have a pinata of a rabbit holding a basketball for his birthday. Well first he wanted a rabbit with giant fangs, but things changed and he decided a rabbit with a basket ball was a bit more up his alley. I was a little concerned that he would have high expectations that would be tricky to meet, but he is quite an amiable young man and as I began making it he continuously told me the pinata was coming along great… Pinatas are quick work with instinctual shaping and cutting happening all along the way. Thing is, sometimes you have to see it as it is, and this guy was not a rabbit at all, but more a kangaroo like gent quickly forming. Luckily, that was fine by the birthday boy and the rabbit plan transferring over into a boxing Kanga went smoothly…
Or sort of… Only catch was I ended up using some amazing colorful duct tape to bind the 
shaky stomach, but in doing so the boxer became more of a homemaker/baking type than a boxer. 
Oh well, it was still quite adorable…
We had a lovely day and I can’t tell you how nice it was keeping the whole party thing small, 
headache-less and quaint; it allowed me the time to enjoy the process more…
 Way more…
 Also, we were fortunate to have the most perfect weather ever, as well as a dear,
dear friend visiting from Portland to help keep the progress smooth and relaxing.
                                                Cheers ~ Marica


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