February Flowers…

Please everyone excuse me for this somewhat indulgent post. I don’t think anyone 
will be as interested in the flowers on the table by my window as I am, but they are of a 
particularly lovely nature and I had to take some pictures to appease my obsession 
with tulips and bulbs in general…
 Typically speaking pink is not one of my more favored colors, 
but somehow pink flowers always steal my breath away…
And a good white rose here and there, or yellow or cream…
I get a little soft when it comes to flowers…
That said, as tempted as I can be by cut flowers, I’ve never had much liking for them.
The after taste of throwing out dead flowers ruins the beauty of their time in the vase…
So if anyone is thinking of sending me flowers, the ones tucked in pots that can later be 
planted out in the sunshine would be the way to go…
                                                    Cheers ~ Marica


  1. I'm not a real fan o f flowers…I love to see them outside but…in the house…they are hard to keep…
    but yours are so lovely and…make me think of spring!!!!
    Hugs, Dany.


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