Valentine’s Day and a fresh cake filling…

Well I guess it’s Valentine’s Day….
I sort of forgot this year and hurriedly made it up to the kids by leaving
 them these bags on the counter… 
 While I was at the store picking out candy I came across these nice
oreo-like cookies…
 They made me think cake, so cake it was…
I had a container of creme fraiche in my refrigerator so I decided a 
nice creamy filling would make the cake more exciting…
 I really like how the filling came out; light, clean with a touch of berry…
Creme Fraiche Berry Filling:
In a large bowl whip until almost stiff:
1 + 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
Add and then whip until the cream makes 
small peaks when you pull out a spoon:
1/2 cup creme fraiche
Add and fold in gently:
3 tablespoons berry jam such as marionberry or blackberry.
                                                                                        (The sweet card the nine-year-old of this house left me)
                                                         Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day ~ Marica


  1. A talented and artistic 9 year old you have.
    I have never tried those oreo biscuits, and yet I am always seeing them in other peoples shopping baskets. I am put off by the black appearance, what do they taste like?


  2. Well I would not reccomend you get the real Oreo cookies because they are full of awful ingredients… But a lot of companies make much nicer versions such as Paul Newman and Country Choice. They are dark chocolaty on the outside and have a cream filling in the middle. I like them on occasion, but they are one of those treats that it is hard to eat just one : )


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