Bombshell Beat…

Not too long ago my very, very, very dear friend Robin created an online boutique for her awesome, unique jewelry and hairpieces. She was in need of some photographs to fill out her site and asked if I wouldn’t mind taking a few.  She was kind of apologetic about the favor and nervous she wouldn’t show up as well on film as would be needed. Well I can’t tell you how wrong she was on both fronts. The first concern I was able to reassure her was truly the opposite of reality; I was super excited to take pictures and honored to be a part of the fun. The second concern is so funny to me now, because if you look at the following pictures I think it is clear she is utterly gorgeous to capture with the click of a camera…
The sunlight was rather temperamental and splotty so she took out her parasol 
to help filter the overly contrasting rays…
It worked remarkable better with the streaming light offset by red fabric…
At one point we added a bike to the mix, it was fun but didn’t help too much 
with featuring jewelry. It’s too bad because I really like the feeling it created… 
I mean really, how beautiful is that bike!!
And then of course it was so neat to see her jewelry…
 Most of it I had never seen before and I was amazed at what an array of pieces she had…
Bombshell Beat… If you get a chance I recommend you check out her fun stuff!
                                              Hope everyone had a good weekend!!!
                                                                  ~ Marica

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