Hammock Fun

Do you remember playing on hammocks as a kid? I can’t think of too many more inspiring man-made objects to set off the imagination. A boat, a spider web, a hammock high in the bows of a tree keeping you safe from goblins or wolves below… Oh I have so many fond memories. 
Well this Christmas my luck children received a beautiful hammock from my mother. She was kind enough to spend time and choose out this absolutely beautifully crafted piece… It took a couple of weeks to arrive, and so just last week the kids and I built it. Actually it was mostly my daughter and I… We have the building fire burning in us I guess… She helped hold pieces, read directions and attach the bolts…
It’s lovely layered wood with the curve made by each thin piece attached so the arc is just right…
Happiness is a kid in a hammock…
Or so I think…
                                                                          Cheers ~ Marica

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