Summer heat has been plaguing our sweet little valley. This is a normal summer affair, but it still tries me none the less. No matter how many years we each live in this area, when the weather peeks at a point like this it is all everyone will talk about; at the store, in the coffee shop, over a cup of tea with a friend. I keep thinking I can reinvent my self to be okay with summer heat; a small price to pay for living in such an otherwise lovely climate. But no, I am still the same rumbling, grumbling whining, fuss making endurer that I always have been. But with all that said, summer brings things that other times of the year just can’t strive to offer… I think one of the biggest being fresh, fresh and truly ripe tomatoes…
Oh for the love of it all, tomatoes are something that should be skipped 
in the off season, just like peaches and I guess really almost any real fruit…A ripe truest form of tomato can literally take my breath away, and I 
adore seeing my little one revel in the same absolute enjoyment…
 We didn’t end up planting as big of a garden as I had hope this year, but we managed tomatoes, a bunch of chili peppers, some nice weeds and two pumpkins… For some reason everything has been taking its time in ripening, but just this week we are finally getting our first few tasty tomatoes.
                                                 ~ Marica


  1. Hi Marica!!!
    I loooove tomatoes too, epsecially cherry tomatoes…
    whit the heat…I love to eat cherry tomatoes, with basil and mozzarella cheese…
    just the perfect easy and fresh recipe for a very hot summer…
    have a nice Sunday!


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