A wee summer dittie…

I am not an amusement-park-going sort of person. I am not thrilled to be in large crowds smelling
 the strong wafts of sunscreen mixed with sweat. I don’t like noise that echos from concrete 
grounds as too many busy souls are all trying to get the most out of the same place at the same
 time… But with all those pre-notions stated, I was thrilled with my mother and my trip to the
 San Diego Wild Animal Park and the very well renown Sea World. We had so much fun. My Mother and I took the kids for two days, three nights to places
 where we could see thing you just don’t see everyday. It was lovely!!
For different reasons I liked both places. Sea World was a wild mess of crowds and noise…
The animals there were in confined areas being bombarded by human after human seeking to
 touch and witness these great creatures of the sea… But having the chance to see dolphins and
  orcas, bat rays and sea lions was…
Truly amazing!!! 
The animal park so very was different…The animals there had wide open spaces…
The vegetation was an experience in its self…
And the crowds seemed appreciative and polite. If I lived close by I would go there often; 
each penny spent there helps support the park and the programs they have to reintroduce
 endangered species back into the wild. It was a worth while cause, and though every single tiny thing was drastically over priced, 
at least there was the piece of mind that it was all for a good reason. 
                                                     Happy July ~ Marica
P.S.  And I loved the bathrooms at the animal park… 
The whole room was beautiful slate…


  1. Glad you all had a wonderful time. The attitude of zoos and animal parks is so different these days, and they do have wonderful programmes for re-establishing endangered animals back into the wild which is the way it should be. It also helps ease our consciences.


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