And now he is twelve…

Well, they grow ~ which is what we want… It really is!!!
But often I wish I could just freeze time and have them babies forever…
 This kid is now twelve… The little guy who used to wake up before the sun and walk 
down to the coffee shop with me. This little person who used to be so friendly everyone
 in our town knew him, even if we didn’t know them… 
And I love who he is now… I wasn’t sure what to give a twelve year old that would have any 
worth while impact… And then it hit me, a stone sanding wheel so he can make swords and daggers…
 He was very excited… He is so involved in fantastical creatures, Lord of the Rings books, comics and stories. He makes things and always seems to have a a world he is creating…


I am so very honored to be a part of that world…
Happy Birthday big-twelve-year old!!!!
                                              ~ Marica

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