What we saw of the solar eclipse…

We tried out the pin hole in the cardboard trick…
 We took pictures of the sun with our eyes closed or only gazing just to the side…
 We saw our crazy shadows on the fence…
 Waving our arms and wiggling our fingers…
 We saw the translucent almost X-ray like shimmer the sun and moon together made…
Did you see the eclipse?
                                                                          ~ Marica


  1. hey there! long time no see. i don't seem to have a current number for you all and we wanted to leave your sweet youngest a happy birthday message.. we were all gathered around the phone posed to sing the birthday song but sadly jeff answered~;-( then we thought of leaving Paolo a message here. happy! happy!! birthday sweet boy hope to see you soon!
    love rocky,shayne, bodhi, paloma and elijah ♥♥♥


  2. Thanks Rocky, e wiss you guys!!! I'll call you… Mr 6 was saying yesterday before he had even heard you had sent a message: “When are we going to see Elija and Bodhi?”


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