It takes a lot of work to wash your dish when your five . . .

It takes a lot of work to wash your dish when your five.
We have an everybody-wash-your-own-dish-in-our-house agreement.
 Not that everyone really agrees, but the adults surely do.
Last night while reminding my five-year-old he must stop everything he is doing and 
come back out to wash his plate, I stopped and watched for a moment what this entailed. 
We used our ceramic dishes for dinner and it took everything he had to get it down from atop 
our tall bar where we sat. A two step process . . . Getting it down to the stool, climbing his
 own body down, then moving the dish to the kitchen sink.
 This is where I traded him. I offered for him to wash a wooden cutting board 
while I washed the dish ~ Hoping to save its weary life from a fatal crash to the floor . . . 
It then took scrubbing, more scrubbing and scouring.
 Water, more water, soap, soap again . . . 
You get the point . . . 
Not just a quick minute. I appreciate now, just a bit more, what it takes when your five 
and your mother calls “Come back and wash you dish . . . “

                                         Cheers ~ Marica


  1. so sweet i let isaiah do the a sink of dishes he did such a good job rinsing the soap off and it only took a hour


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