Green and Yellow . . .

Yesterday, while driving, my daughter was chatter-boxing her way
 through her wishes to have a dress for each season.

“Like the little girl in the orange book . . .” 
It took me a minute to realize she meant The Sun Egg, by Elsa Beskow . . .
  (one of the best children’s books ever I might add) . . .
 “That she has a dress for every season, it would be so fun . . . “

 I held my tongue over the fact she has numerous dresses for every season. 
I am assuming she was fantasizing (I often did as a child) of the simplicity ~ 
One dress for each season, nothing more. I was quite enchanted by simplicity. 
I never gave up dolls or clothes to only have one, but I found the notion quite romantic.
Anyway, she then proceeded to describe the colors of each dress. 
” Should spring be green and yellow? I think spring should be green and yellow.” 
She later changed it to pink and purple, but green and yellow stuck with me.
Tonight while preparing dinner I realized how bright the yellow-orange 
of the egg yolks were, and how green the fresh picked kale was . . . 
marica thompson copyright 2012
Yellow and green, such a springtime meal. 
My daughter was right, spring really is filled with yellow and green.
Yellow chicks ~ Green grass
Yellow flowers ~ Green stems
Yellow dress ~ Green meadow

                                                                                Copyright Marica Thompson 2012

Can you think of anymore?
Happy yellow and green springtime ~ Marica


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