Brugmansia from cuttings . . .

I am so excited . . . A few weeks ago I cut a small trimming from one of our Brugmansia bushes 
and set it in water with the hopes of it growing into its own tall plant someday. Some plants 
have this amazing ability, others don’t. Because Brugmansia have such thick watery stems, I thought 
they might be good candidates. Most succulents are really easy to pluck and replant, Brugmansia have a
 similar thick outer skin and wet inner stalk. After the first few days the big leaves wilted so I cut those
 off, but the younger leaves continued to thrive. Then just yesterday, I pulled the stem out of 
the water and there they were . . . Little white roots . . . 
I love Brugmansia, although they are poisonous, 
they remind me of all the magical Alice in Wonderland like gardens . . . 

 And now that we live in town where it doesn’t get so cold, I really wanted to grown them.

 It’s truly amazing that it’s possible to divide and create whole new plants just from cuttings.
My husband and I are constantly plucking bits of our succulents and transplanting
 them to new locations.

So  anyway, I settled the new Brugmansia baby in soil, set it out in yesterday’s rain,
and am crossing my fingers it likes its new home. 
 Then I went and cut a new stem, and am starting the process all over again . . .
                             ~ Marica
P.S. I originally published this post with the name Datura instead of Brugmansia. I guess there is a 
subtle difference. Datura are basically annuals although some varieties have perennial root stalk.
 Brugmansia are perennials. Brugmansia are commonly known as Angel’s Trumpets where as 
Datura has been called Devil’s Trumpets or Devil’s Weed. I found this old gardeners saying:
 “Angel’s Trumpets point down from heaven; Devil’s Trumpets point up from Hell”

Thank you Rosemary, for pointing this out : ) 


  1. I have got several things in pots of water too hoping they will sprout roots. A Mimosa tree – hopefully and and an Oleander. I love Daturas, and still call them that although I think they have been rechristened Brugmansia for some strange reason. I also know them by the name Angel's Trumpets.


  2. My next door neighbour has quite a large “Angel's Trumpets” tree growing right next to the fence…I adore it! I just about drink in the beautiful perfume these flowers give out…it's strong enough to knock you over. I used to think frangipani flowers were my favourite scent, until I smelt these!!


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