What I found this morning . . .

Rain thundering down . . . 
Finally finally finally!!!!!!! There has been almost none this year . . . The plants soaking up the water that the clouds are offering in such abundance . . .
The grass covered in droplets, happy and confused . . . 
The very first sprout from my Delphinium seeds . . .
  (On Thursday I was sure something must have gone wrong, they still hadn’t shown their faces.
I decided to investigate more, so I carefully opened up the soil just enough to peek . . . 
What a nice surprise to see a tiny white tail like sprout emerging from the seed.)
My husband always laughs and asks why I am so impatient . . . I can’t really answer that . . .
And another wonderful surprise, my grass seeds have finally emerged. I planted this lawn 
over a week ago and the seed bag had said 3-7 days. I have been checking everyday, 
even the first day, thinking miraculously they might sprout early. 
On the seventh day I gave up and figured we might have to do sod after all. And then today, oh yes on the same day as the Delphinium sprouts, I found hundreds
of tiny grass shoots pumping themselves through the soil. (And if you look carefully, 
you’ll notice all the Cosmos sprouting as well . . . What am I going to do? Last year 
there were Cosmos here, they must have dropped their seeds . . . I don’t know if I’ll be 
able to bring myself to pull them out . . .)
Patients my friend, I tell myself, patients . . .
                                                                    ~ Marica

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