A bit of fire making . . .

Today was a really fun day with all the kids. We had a guest/friend/dad come in and 
demonstrate a slew of survival skills. Mainly he showed us how to make fire with the 
use of friction: Bow-drill,  hand-drill, and the last one was new to me, bamboo. 
The kids were very involved, and it brought me back to when I was a kid and my parents hosted 
a “Tom Brown” camp at our home in the mountains. 
We learned the same technics . . . 
And the fresh smell of fire made the exact same smell . . .
  Everyone got a chance to try the tools and put their best power toward making fire . . .
 It certainly is tricky business . . .
 I believe it would take a fair while for any of these kids to master it . . .

And for anyone who has never read Tom Brown’s book The Tracker it is a must. 

Read it yourself, or if you can, read it to some kids . . .
                                                  Cheers ~ Marica


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