A lot of lately . . .

So much lately . . . So much doing, so much done . . .
It is fun when a million projects are happening, but sometimes I find it hard to juggle them all . . .
And it has been so warm . . . Sprinkler playing, mud-puddle warm!!!
Our Magnolia tree has decided it is time to show its most outrages blooms . . .
 Sometimes I can’t believe Magnolia trees are real.
Doll making is getting closer to an end . . .
They are already discussing names . . .

My little one has been very excited to work in his “math book”.
I love how kids at this age, at least all of mine, think all writing work
is math, even if it is practicing letters . . .

I made creme brulee . . . 

With the fire crusted sugar top!!!
Oh lordy lord, I love fancy homemade decadence!!!
It feels like warm spring and my energy is pumping with ambition . . . 
I hope to knock my own socks off with how much I can complete over the next short while.
Best Wishes ~ Marica

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