Things around here that make me take a breath and smile . . .

Making our own rain during this eighty-degree January spell . . . 
Barefoot and leaping . . . 
 The mysterious flower I just found behind our house . . .
 And the surprise violets that are blooming . . . So quietly elegant . . .
Fresh ingredients from the Sunday Market . . .
 Multi grain bread that came out soooo good!!! I’ll tell you more about that soon . . . Heavenly desserts . . . 
My dear five-year-old listening with all his might . . . 
And these boys getting so big I can only watch and try to assimilate . . .
                                                                           Cheers ~ Marica


  1. dear marica, such beautiful children you have. i come here once in a while, love reading about your life. sorry, i do not comment really often, i am such a jerk ^_^
    i have been making bread for x-mas and yours look so yummy. can't wait to read about the recipe. AWW, you lucky you ! walking barefoot and smelling the flowers. here we are buried in snow and cold weather. i am longing for spring.
    take care sweetie ♥


  2. such beautiful photo shots you captured, Marica! The photo of the 3 boyz brought tears to my eyes…they were so small just yesterday and now just look at them! So sweet!


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