Homemade Sushi . . . A couple of secrets . . .

Sushi is one of my most favorite things. I have tried and tried again to replicate the exactly satisfying experience that makes going out to sushi an occasional necessity. Over the last year or so I have come to a few realizations and come up with a couple of tricks:
1. Pick vibrant flavors.
2. A little spread miso paste carries it a long way.
3. A squeeze of fresh ginger can put it over the edge. 
This last batch I used different combinations of the following ingredients. 
Radish sprouts, cucumber, cilantro, sesame seeds, pickled carrots, 
avocado, sushi grade ahi, baked golden bass, meyer lemon and sriracha
Some were with both fish, some were vegetarian.  
Toasting the sesame seeds in a dry pan before using them adds flavor . . . 
 A small slice of meyer lemon with a dash of the sriracha adds spice and a little sour-sweet . . .
For the pickled carrots I soaked sliced carrots in a bath of salt, white balsamic vinegar and water.
I let them sit in the refrigerator for several hours, but the next day they were even better . . .
I’m not giving the full recipe, because unfortunately I threw it together too quickly and forgot to 
measure. Good luck with your next sushi making endeavor . . .
                                                                                ~ Marica


  1. H Marica, We love sushi too. And since there's no place to get it around here we have to make it! Thanks for the reminder!~Yelena


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