Last night and the year to come . . .

Last night we celebrated with lasagna, salad, and homemade cracker twists . . . 
We made drinks with fresh squeezed lemon, sparkling water and bourbon.
We tossed in frozen strawberries as ice cubes . . .Today I think about the things I want to finish this year, or at least keep working on . . . 
I have so many projects . . . I need to start stamping some as closed . . . 
All done . . . 
No more work needed . . .
Somethings take their own time . . . Like the bamboo I am growing along the fence . . .
But others need me to be the fire to get them completed. 
                     Happy New Year and Best Wishes to Everyone ~ Marica


  1. wow! you celebrate in a nice way then!!!!
    It's always nice when a year begin stop a bit and think of all the new things we would like to make!!!
    I love planning!!! :O)


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