Winter . . .

In our house it is starting to show . . . 
 Holiday meals . . . Salad with pear, pecan, goat cheese and honey mustard dressing . . . 
 Brownies with swirled cream cheese and bits of candy-cane baked on top . . .
And our Christmas tree . . .  
Finally . . . It took us forever to get one. We always buy potted live trees, but this year they were so expensive we almost gave in and got a cut one.  But by the time we went to pick out one of those, all the Christmas-tree stands had sold out. So back to the plant nursery we went . . . And now everytime I look at the tree I feel so glad . . . It is so beautiful and someday will get to grow to be so tall.
                                                      Happy Holidays ~ Marica


  1. Love you sharing your preparations for the holidays! We looked for a potted tree and couldn't find one that wasn't a Charlie Brown tree — so we have a small cut one for a tabletop tree!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Eve – I assume at Christine and Michael's?


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