Well he is a puppy . . .

When you’re a child, you think you might adopt every dog in the world when you’re 
all grown up. Maybe you’ll have a farm and rescue every puppy and sad old dog who has 
no home. But then you grow up. When you’re a grown up, and your children look up at you with eyes as big a saucers, hopping hopping you might say yes they can take that sweet little ball of fuzziness home . . . You hear the word “No” slipping through your lips and you remember what it felt like, and you tell them you remember, but they don’t really think you do. Well, that has happened many a time. But there are other times when there is that little ball of fuzz you, or shall I say I, can’t live with out . . . And your grown up head is telling you “Say no, say no,” But the words uttered from your lips this time are “Yes, we would love him.” And the funniest part about this time . . . And the last time . . . and the time before that is . . . The kids weren’t even the ones to ask. This time all on my own I said yes, without any children tugging, or voicing chiming, or eyes pleading. Nope, it was all me. All by myself wanting so hard to keep him that it didn’t matter if we already had two dogs, and it didn’t matter if he would need to be potty trained. This perfect sweet bundle, oh what a complete baby bundle, to cuddle and snuggle and squeeze. 
                           ~ Marica


  1. We have been wanting a dog for quite awhile but the timing just hasn't seemed right. A part of me thinks that someday the dog that is meant to be part of this family is going to find us. Congratulations on your newest family member, Marica.


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