October, and thinking of flowers . . .

I have decided to move my tea garden. As much time as I have spent building and planting it, every time I look at it now, I feel like it is sitting in the wrong place. 
When I first started to work on our yard, I remember feeling like I needed to know exactly what our plan was. It all seemed so permanent. After a bit I realized it may take a few start and backtracks to restart and be more clear about what we are doing. 
 Shrubs can be moved . . . so can stepping stones . . . And annual flowers put in their time with such vengeance . . . 
only to be done, on their own accord, before too long. 
I planted Hollyhock and sweet peas along a good portion of our back fence . . . I will be scattering poppy seeds out front where there is still so much vision needed . . .
We are discussing the home spot of one of my most favorite types of trees EVER . . . The Manzanita. My friend gave me this one for my birthday . . .
If I do everything right, someday, this will be a fifteen to twenty foot tall beauty . . .
With elongated curling branches, reaching for the sun, and hosting small snowy like
tear drop blossoms, that as a kid, we called snow. 

                                                                           ~ Marica

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