This Thursday Morning . . .

I’m usually not much of a donut fan. Round an pretty as they are, after a few bites I feel like an oil-rig must be lying in wait around the corner, thrilled to have found a new supply to tap. But on this lovely morning, while we all were out at our project table sculpting away with colorful clay. . .
Beast love?? . . . With all our different inspirations . . .
I found all I wanted to make was cakes and donuts. 
Oddly the donuts truly called to me until at last I decided I really did want an 
actual donut, not just a figurine of colorful modeling substance.
I’ve made donuts one time before, and I prefer them grandly to the hole in the wall bakery’s version. Of course they are remarkably less frilly, but they are far more digestible.
No matter if I make these fifty more times, I don’t think I’ll ever get
used to the degree of oil needed to fry these sweet things. 
But they surely did come out yummy . . . 
I offer proof . . .


  1. and they were phenomenal!! thanks for sharing all of your many talents with us, Marica. it was a great day. my kids are STILL playing with clay tonight inspired by your donuts and of course, the flowers and creatures in their imaginations.


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