Painting ode to a few things I love . . .

Painting hasn’t been my top priority for a quite a while now. It is one of those things where I have in and out fazes. But lately I have pulled out my thick pad of bristol paper and messed around just a bit. I have to say I think my favorite time to listen to music is when I am doing a project or driving. The best part of listening to music when I draw or paint is the effect it has on the outcome. As a teenager David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan dripped from my pictures. Lou Reed’s Rock and Roll Animal, darkened the lines and helped me to move into the paper. 
I started this latest water-colour while watching a random documentary on sneakers. I guess Run D.M.C. was a huge part of making sneakers a popular fashion. Anyway, their music was interwoven through-out the film. As my ballet dancers formed on the page, so did the record player, and no longer was Tchaikovsky  going to be the satisfactory assumption as to what they were dancing to. I roughly picked a few of my favorite artist’s albums to be the records on the shelf . . . 
                                                                                                                                                 Copyright  Marica Thompson 2011
I spent from the time I was eight until I was fifteen years-old, studying ballet. I always loved drawing the dancers because I could make their “turn-out perfect” something I had difficulty with, their arches lovely, mine were acceptable, and their ballet legs long “I ain’t a tall lady”
                                                                 Anyway, good September 12th to you all ~ Marica

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