Kids in the kitchen . . .

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy watching the kids in the kitchen . . . or in this case the outside-table I insisted they work at . . . The adding and tasting, the questioning and agreeing. It makes a mess, and I cringe a bit, shake it off and remind them they will have to clean up after themselves. 
Each taste and decision is a stepping stone toward their confidence with cooking. They counted the spoonfuls of sugar and measurements of water. They squeezed each grapefruit and took note after they added it. 
When I finally tried the finished product I was amazed, it was by far the best grapefruit juice I had ever tasted. The balance of juice, water and sugar was perfect. 
 And then, as they probably watch me do, they carefully wrote down the recipe . . . 
Last night my eight-year-old really, really wanted to make sushi . . .

She was there for every step of the process, and patiently and impatiently waited as the rice cooled enough for handling . . . 
They carefully rolled their own rolls and were thoroughly satisfied with their work. 
Needless to say, so was I. 
Kids and food go hand in hand . . .

                                                                            Gotta love it!! ~ Marica


  1. My oldest (7) started showing an interest in cooking this summer and it has been such a pleasure cooking and baking with him. We made salsa the other day and he loved doing it from start to finish. Of course, the delicious results made it that much better.


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