Tables tables tables and the yard is being worked . . .

Well the title is very self explanatory. We have been working nonstop over the last weeks on pulling together our outdoor space. We were expecting a lot of people over for an event Wednesday night, so the last few days have been racing the the clock and ignoring sanity. 
 This table was a collaborative effort on both Justin and my part. It measures ten feet in length and roughly three and a half feet in width. I battled the electric drill to put in the bolts until I had to actually give up. I may be strong enough for some things, but I guess my hands are just lacking enough to keep me from manipulating a quarter-inch-thick, five-inch-long, twisty piece of metal into a  solid hunk of douglas fir. I can’t tell you the feeling of defeat. But long last, the table is finished, and sits stately, awaiting benches. 
 I also built two picnic tables . . .
 These measure six-feet-long and about three-and-a-half-feet-wide. They are low enough to work comfortably for kids, and adults fit just fine. 
 We laid mulch, and planted a scattering of greenery. Behind are the garden boxes built a while back, but still not filled. Only one boasts soil and an array of herbs.
 The tea garden flourishes and thickens . . . 
I adore watching each individual plant . . .
 And at the back end of the tea garden, a volunteer yellow summer squash has built an empire. 
I am starting to spot its first fruits, and will be tasting them soon. 
                                           Best Wishes ~ Marica


  1. OMG!!!! your tables are wonderful!!!!
    I always wanted a picnic table, it makes me feel you are having a party everytime you eat on it!!!
    You did an amazing job and your tea garden is awesome!!!!


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