My Dad’s Birthday Gift . . .

Sometimes it is hard to know just what a person would like for their birthday. I have made my dad way more hats than he has heads . . . or probably has need for . . . although he may end up with another one come Christmas, it’s hard to tell. But definitely, as he has an August birthday, I couldn’t make him another head warmer. So I took my thoughts into the kitchen and prepared a birthday treat in there.
 I mixed unsweetened chocolate rounds with semi sweet chocolate, 
 dried cherries and cranberries, chia seeds and almonds to make a chocolate bark . . .
 I cooked down peaches, ginger, tiny hot peppers and dried whole allspice into a spicy chutney . . . 
Sliced and simmered apples into apple butter . . . although it was not quite as thick and dark . . . 
 Picked a million mulberries for mulberry jam . . . 
Added some more fresh berries . . . 
Put it all together in a basket . . . and managed to not nibble the whole way to his birthday . . .
“But my little one stepped right in the berry basket after dinner, 
before the berries could make the safe escape home.”
I guess I’ll lust have to pick some more berries . . .
                        ~ Marica

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