The Hundredth Post . . . favorite links, and a giveaway . . .

Well here it is. A hundred posts down the road into blogland . . .
I have to say, it has been fun all along. I love the blogs I have found and enjoy the camaraderieship that high technology, usually my evil nemesis, has offered. Due to the fact we are all obviously on our computers while we look at each-other’s chronicles of best lived life, I thought I’d link to some of my dearest finds. These amazing pockets of creation are merely a click away, and I recommend the time spent checking them out:
As to the giveaway . . . A couple of years ago, my mama put together, or better said, finally complete putting together, a cookbook. It was a trek of a journey to get it through the publishing house and out on shelves. I was very involved, illustrating each page, testing and retesting recipes, and sharing the triumphant enormousy of getting published. Due to the fact Wasabi Honey Bee is so intermingled with cooking, I thought it very fitting to offer readers an opportunity to win a copy of this book. I am actually putting three copies up for grabs, so there can be three winners. To enter, leave a comment on this post by midnight (Pacific Standard time) July 30th . If you link back to this post on your site, I will double dip you in the drawing. 
Winners will be posted July 31st
Winners are: 

The Hungry Crafter
Rennee G
Teacup Adventures

            Best Wishes to everyone ~ Marica


  1. Thank you so much Marica! It has been so busy here with the kids out of school that I haven't had time for following blogs as much as I love to do… so glad I clicked here today! Please enter me into the giveaway, I could use a good cookbook, it looks fun!


  2. What a beautiful cover! If the recipes in that book are only 1/2 as good as your own that you post – I will be ecstatic!! Thank you so much for listing my blog – it is a fun connection! Love to you!


  3. oooo Thanks for mentioning my blog! Congratulations on your blogging milestone – I love it here. Fabulous book! I love the illustrations – really beautiful. I've just had a look at the recipe index and there are some scrummy things there xxx

    PS You are such a pretty lady!


  4. That is so cool. It's really a unique cookbook as it looks sooo different from what we usually find on bookstore shelves… I would really love to have it in my kitchen. Also it's a mother and daughter's project which is amazing. The illustrations are so unexpected. It's like a book of cooking tale 🙂 You're amazing 🙂
    I put your blog's link on my blog it's not in English, sorry 🙂


  5. would love to win! Congrats on the 100th post. I am an avid blog reader, and so respect those of you who take the time and energy to blog, and to put yourself out there in blogland so bravely. Kudos.
    jhbalvin at gmail dot com


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